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The Triton family is comprised of brokers and former physical traders who are focused on providing superior market coverage, intelligence and customer service to successfully execute deals between a Buyer and Seller. Triton is a true “value-added” brokerage firm that assists a wide variety of oil and energy professionals. Triton provides best in class service through their combined years of experience, which encompasses all aspects of the oil industry. The Triton team successfully executes complex physical transactions with a primary focus on natural gas liquids (ngls) and railcar markets on a daily basis. This combination of expert knowledge of trading, products and logistics allows Triton to provide unrivaled service.


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Triton brokers on- and off-spec physical NGLs in North America with a primary focus on ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline/condensate (c2 through c5+). Executed deals have been brokered via railcar, truck, pipeline, barge and in tank transfer (ITT). Triton brokers for producers/refiners, marketers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, etc. In doing so, Triton has the unique ability source product from anywhere in North America and accurately estimate all product, transportation and logistical costs to providing a “start to finish” brokerage service.

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Working with owners, leasing companies and end users, Triton focuses on railcar markets across North America. We actively broker railcar sale, purchase and lease/sublease agreements across multiple car types and commodity sectors. As with Triton's other product offerings, we continue the "start to finish" brokerage service, assisting with logistics, maintenance and cleaning as well as railcar storage. Triton helps all rail users increase efficiency and reduce costs.



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